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To cut down on attorney time, arbitration permits the parties to stipulate, or agree on, certain facts and virtually eliminate briefs, discovery, and the endless reliance on expert testimony and counter testimony. But the contending parties often waste prodigious quantities of time, money, and energy by reverting almost automatically to the habits of litigation. As happened in the electronics battle, lawyers make repetitious presentations of facts and legal arguments as if they were appearing before a judge rather than an arbitrator. They pursue discovery, file motions, and rely excessively on expert witnesses—exactly the way they would in a lawsuit. Outside the courtroom, lawyers grind out publicity favoring their cause. Moreover, arbitrators themselves contribute to the problem by handing down damage awards that are beyond reason and contractual limits. Sometimes, they even award punitive damages.

If you are Suffering with this problem then you can’t lead a normal life and it also affects the mental state. The experienced astrologer will give the correct and permanent solution to solve the problems of disputes.






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